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When it comes to India growing foods and grains, as an agriculturally based economy, the world has a high level of reliability in its exports. From the Indo-Pacific and Middle East to Europe and America, India supplies a diverse range of food exports to every corner of the world, not just to use in local cuisines but also the growing popularity of flavourful Indian cuisines with distinct food ingredients.

Red onion occupies one of the top stops in India that completes the shipments to bulk importers on time. ABZ Frozen Foods is your reliable Red onion exporter from India, leading the global market and catering to the diverse needs of our clients worldwide. Red onion is one of our most popular food export products.Itis harvested usingthe latest industry-grade techniques from the best-quality seeds that meet international standards.

Nutrient Value of Red Onion And Health Benefits

At ABZ Frozen Foods, we source our authentic-grade red onions from big farmers and reputed agriculturists who certify the authenticity of the product packages. We ensure no compromise with the taste and texture of our red onion product ranges while maintaining a reputation asthe top red onion exporter in India. Our products are harvested with healthy nutritional value that includes low salt, saturated fat, and cholesterol, ensuring a low risk of heart disease.

Red onions are popular as a colourful and tasty root vegetable that consumers use raw and in cooked form. These products have several health advantages as they are abundant in minerals, vitamins, antioxidants, and especially rich in vitamin C. It can strengthen your immune system and encourage your collagen synthesis. With their anti-inflammatory and antioxidant qualities and the presence of flavonoids like quercetin, red onion can lower the chance of developing chronic illness and some types of cancer.

Various diet programs rely on their antibacterial and antiviral properties.It is a rich source of sulphur and fibres, which makes them beneficial for strengthening immune health, improving digestive health, and weight management, which is why red onion demand in the international market is rising exponentially, especially growing in India.

Varieties Of Red Onion Product Ranges We Export

Our red onion product range includes varieties of sizes and grades of onions. ABZ Frozen Foods is also a reliable exporter of white, yellow, and other categories of onion in our international supply chain. As a reliable exporter of fresh red onion from India, we ensure that product selection meets the individual demands of every consumer.

Consumers can use these high-quality raw red onions as per their cooking requirements, whether they eat them as salads, savour them in caramelised form, or sauté in stir-fried form. Our fresh and healthy packages can come in a minimum of 5 kg to a maximum of 50kg bags.

ABZ Frozen Foods is a leading fresh red onion exporter based in India with a strong presence in the international market. The company has been exporting onions for over 10 years and has established a reputation for supplying high-quality onions to customers across the globe.

Product Range: ABZ Frozen Foods offers a wide range of onion varieties, including red, white, and yellow onions, in different sizes and grades. They source onions from local farmers, and the onions undergo strict quality checks to ensure they meet international standards.

Quality Assurance: ABZ Frozen Foods places a strong emphasis on maintaining the quality of their onions. The onions are carefully inspected for size, weight, color, and freshness to ensure they are of premium quality. The company follows Good Agricultural Practices (GAP) and Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) to ensure the safety and quality of their products.

Packaging: ABZ Frozen Foods uses modern packaging techniques to ensure the freshness and quality of onions during transit. fresh red Onions are typically packed in mesh bags, jute bags, or cartons, depending on the requirements of the destination market. Packaging is done in a hygienic environment to prevent spoilage and maintain the shelf life of the onions.

Compliance with Export Regulations: ABZ Frozen Foods complies with the export regulations and guidelines of the importing countries. They adhere to phytosanitary regulations, food safety standards, and other export requirements, such as documentation and labeling, to ensure smooth customs clearance and compliance with international trade regulations.

Supply Chain Management: ABZ Frozen Foods manages the entire supply chain, from sourcing onions from farmers, grading and packaging, to logistics and shipment. They work closely with farmers, transporters, and other stakeholders to ensure a smooth and efficient supply chain to meet export commitments.

Market Expansion: ABZ Frozen Foods actively explores and taps into new markets to expand their customer base. They engage in market research, participate in trade fairs and exhibitions, and establish strategic partnerships to identify and access new markets for their fresh red onion exports.

Customer Service: ABZ Frozen Foods provides excellent customer service to their buyers, including timely communication, competitive pricing, and reliable after-sales support. They maintain strong relationships with their customers to ensure repeat business and long-term partnerships.

Adherence to Ethical and Sustainable Practices: ABZ Frozen Foods adheres to ethical and sustainable practices, such as fair trade, organic farming, and environmental conservation. They work closely with farmers to promote sustainable farming practices and ensure fair wages and working conditions for farm laborers.

Product Specification

Onion type: Garwa onion, Red onion
Sizes: All sizes available(40mm,45mm,50mm,55m and above)
Packing: Mesh bag & Jute bag
Ernst Handel Roland Mendel
Available Packing 18kg, 20kg & 50kg

Key Reasons To Choose ABZ Frozen Foods As Your Red Onion Exporter From India

• We Offer A Robust Supply Chain Network

Our global network of suppliers guarantees prompt delivery of fresh red onions to distributors, retailers, and wholesalers all over the world. From sourcing to packing, logistics, and shipping, we oversee every step of the process to assure reliable, timely delivery and preserve product quality throughout shipment.

• Focus On Quality Assurance

ABZ Frozen Foods has always prioritised providing premium quality in all our agricultural shipment orders at the global level. Therefore, we assure you that we will deliver superior red onion standards procured from leading farms in the country that hold their freshness for a long time.

We fulfilthe quality assurance of our supplies by meeting international standards while maintaining stringent quality control procedures at every export stage. Trust us to carefully inspect each onion for its size, freshness, weight, and colour, not just with expert staff but also by implementing advanced quality check equipment.

• We Provide Competitive Prices Without Quality Compromise

We are your dedicated top red onion exporter in India to provide you with competitive pricing without sacrificing the quality of our supply. Our inexpensive logistics and supply chain rates make us the go-to option for our customers who are looking for premium-grade red onions at reasonable costs.

• Excellent Customer Service

At ABZ Frozen Foods, our team is well-recognized as the supplier of premium-grade red onions at reasonable costs, as well as for our top-grade customer service. We always strive to meet client satisfaction with the goal of establishinga long-term relationship. Clients can always rely on us for prompt communication to stay transparent throughout the supply chain and to offer after-sales assistance.

• Advanced Packaging Service

In order to maintain freshness and quality throughout the shipping process, our onions are packaged, implementing innovative and sustainable techniques such as mesh bags, jute bags, or cartons. Not only does this packaging offer the best quality and prolong product shelf life, but it also meets our hygiene priority.

• Stay Compliant With Worldwide Food Export Regulations

By choosing ABZ Frozen Foods, our existing and potential clients can stay confident about not violating any trading laws. Our team ensures efficient customs clearance and compliance with international trade regulations throughout the supply chain and prevents any fear of business cancellation or illegal trading penalties.

We Bring Sustainability Into Red Onion Export With Ethical Practices

However, if you are interested in the future scope of onion exports from India in general, here are some potential opportunities and trends:

ABZ Frozen Foodsis a prominent name among the international exporters of red onions from India. It is not just for superior quality goods or adherence to export regulation; our efficient supply chain management is also dedicated to integrating sustainable and ethical business practices.

We make it possible to offer fair pay to our customers by closely collaborating with farmers to integrate advanced sustainable farming. We are committed to ethical practices as we ensure farmer labourers are getting the right wages and the environment is good for them. Our practices ensure long-term contribution to India’s agricultural exports and economy.

Our Efforts in Market Expansion

We are taking proactive steps to improve the potentiality of our entry into new international markets for the export trading of fresh red onions. Our team is constantly doing market research, taking part in insightful trade shows, and making strategic collaborations with our client bases to continuously attain opportunities for growth. We want to add more international borders into our supply chain network to expand our red onion product trading market.

Southeast Asia and the United States have always remained the key importers of red onion from India, with Sri Lanka as the top importer and the United States acquiring 3rd spot. However, with the future plan for expanding the market, we are considering developing markets in Africa and South America to lower reliance on existing market networks and reduce the risk of market concentration by embracing growth opportunities.

We Ensure Upgrading Our Storage And Transportation Facilities

Technological developments in storage and transportation can prolong the shelf life and improve the quality of Indian onions while they are in the way of shipment. With the understanding of its importance, our service utilises adequate storage facilities ina temperature-controlled environment that can be adjusted as needed.

When products are stored properly, their marketability and freshness increase, which gives exporters the best chance of succeeding in global markets. Moreover, with this small step of upgrading our supply chain facilities, our team is ensuring a solid position in the competitive market, meeting our vision. We pack our onions hygienically, fresh, and full of nutrients. You can be confident that our team keeps the onions in advanced storerooms that are aired to keep them away from germs and ensure you get a year-round supply.

Get Value-Added Products From High-Quality Red Onion Suppliers

Value-added onion products, such as peeled, sliced, and dried onions, are becoming more and more popular to export since they are convenient and adaptable for a wide range of culinary uses.ABZ Frozen Foodshas a future plan for focusing on meeting these growing demands in the international market by increasing our product offerings.

It is a beneficial step to get high pay as these product lines are processes that have a longer shelf life and fulfil the unique demands of the consumers. As an experienced exporter in the market, our team understands the requirement toadhere to strict international quality and safety standards for onions from India.

It will further ensure the products will stay competitive in global agricultural trading. Hence, we make it a priority to invest in achieving compliance certifications, supply chain monitoring programs, and quality control procedures. We adhere to Good Agricultural Practices (GAP) and food safety certifications for international trading to establish our credibility and consumer confidence.

Get your hands on the best range of red onions from India with ABZ Frozen Foods!

Stats shed light on India’s growing economy, where agriculture contributes around 17% of the total GDP. Thanks to the agricultural diversity and abundance of fertile soil, red onion distributors, suppliers, and retailers can expect superior quality products. If you are on the lookout for a reliable red onion exporter from India with years of experience, connect with ABZ Frozen Foods today.

Experience the benefit of our robust infrastructure and logistics network throughout the globe,which ensure proper shipment with timely delivery and export support after-sales. Get in touch with our export and logistics experts to inquire about our service and discuss your requirements to get an instant quote.

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